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Online Marketing & Website Design Services In Morecambe

We have been working within the website design, website development and online marketing industry for over 10 years. Our team is local and small, we have specialists in various aspects of website development and design including website programming, website design, content management building, email marketing, e-commerce, pay per click management and search engine optimisation (SEO). Over the years we have worked with various businesses in Morecambe and Lancashire. No matter your industry, your business goals or your personal ambitions, we can help you achieve what you want. As you are well aware the web has changed a lot from 10 years ago and we have changed with it. Unlike most we are not tied to a certain programming language, hosting system or a certain piece of software. Our programmers and developers can us a wide range of different software, languages and solutions, which means we are not restricted in what we can do for you. We can create a solution that suits you and your business model.

Website Design

We have a vast experience in website design, we can develop any type of site that suits you. We have created numerous designs for various clients in Morecambe and Lancashire. Every design is thought out, designed with the future in mind and appealing to the target market.

Content Management System

Unlike many we actually use our own CMS (Content Management System) that have been developed over 10 years. It has evolved into a very simple but powerful piece of online software. It enables you to edit various aspects of your website whilst not affecting functionality or performance in any way. The CMS has been developed with SEO (search engine optimisation) in mind, it enables you to get the most of your website with very little input.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is part and parcel of every website. However it is also important to ensure that your website is hosted in a secure location, it is cost effective and is on a server that can perform. We provide a range of hosting solutions to ensure your site is secure, hosting is affordable, backups of your site are taken and it performs as it should.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Everyone claims to be the best at SEO, but unfortunately a lot are just claims and often you get let down. We take a very honest approach to our SEO, we do NOT practice any SEO that would harm your site in the long term, we set honest goals that are achievable, we do our homework (we carry out extensive research on your industry before we set targets) and most importantly we can prove it. We have over 10 years worth of SEO related testimonials, recommendations and statistics to demonstrate our high quality SEO work.

Social Media Management

In recent years social media marketing for local businesses has burst on to the scene. We believe it is essential to have social elements involved within your marketing plans, however it certainly is not the be all and end all of online marketing. We believe it is just another piece of the jigsaw for successful and sustainable online marketing. We have a range of social media management services that will suit different businesses.

Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Pay Per Click is a quick and easy method to reach your customers via Google, Bing and Yahoo. Over the years it has proven to be more cost effective than other means such as directories (including the Yellow Book). However we cannot stress how important it is to manage your PPC properly. Providers such as Google purposly make it difficult to understand and decipher, in a bid to make you spend more, where a couple of campaign tweaks could make some large reductions in spend. We have over 10 years experience in Pay Per Click Optimisation and Management. We have handled campaigns spending from £20 per month to spending £10,000 per month.


Online shopping is a monumentally large business these days and it is continuing to grow. However this huge growth has lead to huge amounts of competition. Your E-commerce system and business strategy needs to well thought out and well implemented. Simple mistakes could be the difference in turning over thousands compare with turning over hundreds. We have numerous successful on-line e-commerce clients in Morecambe and Lancashire.

If you are looking for a local website design company you can trust, rely on, is affordable and one that delivers what they say they will, then look no further. For more information about our great local services, simply give us a quick call or fill in our contact form.

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Organic Web Development Practices

Our SEO methods are implemented for the future.

Unlike most in the industry, we would never design or implement anything that would have a negative affect on your websites performance in the long-term. All our online marketing strategies (SEO, E-Mail Marketing & PPC) are always above board (White Hat). We believe in organic SEO that will last the lifetime of your website. We have the data to prove this!


You got my garden design website to the top of google for numerous locations I could not be more pleased with your work. I will 100% recommend you to any person who asks who did my website and seo.”

Paul Gittings, Garden Design Consultancy